I am working to disrupt the Vietnamese thoughts about social works and social workers

Updated: May 1, 2019

In Vietnam social work is all about giving some food/gift/money/medicine etc to the poor people. Those are really meaningful but unfortunately not sustainable, salable, that means does not change the life of those people. People need something to change their life, those gift can even make them more dependent!

On the other hand who are the social worker in Vietnam? Let's be more specific who are the social worker who are already graduated and working already?

So now I will tell you my observation after been in social development field for almost 6 years. In Vietnam social work is for most professionals who are in the career gap period. Not working for months before joining another company or someone who just stopped because got pissed off by a company for some reasons. So as soon they get a job, most of them they stop the social development work as well. So that created a common thoughts among Vietnamese community about the social workers. That thought is - the people are doing social works they are too free, they need money!

How sad is that it? So even many people had that thought that I am too free so I do social development work. But the people who are thinking that about me has no idea about my life. The way I believe is -

I work extremely hard for my company everyday, to give back to my company.
I also work very seriously and constantly to give back to the Vietnamese community.

Why Vietnamese Community? The answer is straight - because I live here, I work here and I am Saigoneer. I am not a part time guest here, so I did, do and will always do things what I should to help people as a TRUE Saigoneer.

How seriously I work in social development? I would like to give you a snap slot of my weekend schedule bellow

That shows you how I manage to make the best utilization for helping the people. This is not something I am doing for 1 months of few months. I am doing it last 2 years.

Now are you thinking how do I work for the company I am working for. Due to privacy reason and my role in the company, I am not giving you a snapshot of our daily work calendar but trust me, that's more intense. Now you are thinking, what did I achieve after being living this way?

Let me put this way - in career I could be the youngest senior manager for an Australian University, performed millions USD project to every years to build a complete tech landscape for RMIT University though a digital transformation, I am the youngest Chief Information Office (CIO) or GITD for the largest private medical corporation of Vietnam. In spiritual way - I was never been happy in my life as I am since last 6 years!

Social work is not a career gap thing, it's a everyday thing. Every Vietnamese professional should be part of sustainable development. Those professional already being part of social development in their student life and did unsustainable development work. Now all of you have the skill, experience, influences , so let's take that forward to help the Vietnamese people by sustainable development to make Vietnam a better place.

If I can do even I am so busy with my career, you CAN DO IT too!!

Don't find any place to start with? Join our social organization - Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR)!


The core values of VSHR -

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