I could not stop myself after seeing the tears in our scholars, because i know the meaning of that

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution, was answering to this question during the interview session at Genius Upskill Program Graduation 2018 ceremony -

"I lost my mind, lost my control over my emotion, when I saw the tears on our Genius Upskill Scholars eye in our GUP 2018 Graduation DAY. I know that tears are for their - appreciation, respect and deep love emotions. That made me so emotional that also even almost made me stop speaking during my closing speech".

"I know why our Genius Upskill scholars did that so because that experience we created by our consent work with our best possible efforts with all our love. All we wanted to created the social CHAMPION who will be helping people at work, outside work, everywhere, without thinking that they will get back by doing so. Live with the same values like us - "Community first".

We transferred our ideas to a major actions, placed them in Social Development Factory 2018, and make ur scholarship program to create the social CHAMPIONS. We know like everything can be better, so our GUP program will be more better too".

We are already going to include one more program "Raise a Social Entrepreneur (RASE) " on this Season 2019. Today total 35 scholar graduated.

I am 100% confident that our program will constantly become better and bigger to add more social champion for helping Vietnamese people.
You may ask - why am I so CONFIDENT? Because of our SUPER HERO VSHR members, that is going to HAPPEN FOR SURE !!!

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For season 2019, VSHR will provide 1 Billion VND valued scholarship to Vietnamese students. Wanna apply for scholarship to be a social champion and also develop your career? Apply now !


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