Internal communication is one of the important things that managers must pay attention to. It is the connection network, which is the basic thing that determines the efficiency of work between employees and between employees and administrators.

A "sane" and effective internal communication will avoid many misunderstandings about each other's work status.

So what are those things? Maybe simple, common but not easy to do?

Responsible for information “bottlenecks”

Larger scale requires hierarchical management decentralization. Accompanying this problem is the gap between the lowest-ranking employees and the top-level leaders. Since then, information is easily "noisy", "congested" when communicating in both directions from top to bottom and from bottom to top, causing unnecessary misunderstandings.

Instead of letting this situation happen, businesses should make it a habit for employees to give feedback on the information they receive, encouraging open dialogue. 91% of employees understand their overall role in the operations of the business will contribute to the success of that business.

Using the internal chat system

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, a team of employees who regularly communicate and collaborate internally is 20 to 25 percent more productive than the rest.

Currently, internal chat systems, such as Slack, HipChat or Google Hangouts can help employees communicate and exchange information quickly, easily, and more efficiently than email.

From there, a document issued from the superior wants to reach all employees without going through many lengthy emails, just need a few simple steps, the information has "docked" safely to the chat box. of recipients.

Disclosure of goals

“48% of media companies do not bring business strategies down to each employee, do not make them understand and “live” with them in daily operations.”

Therefore, publicizing the goals of the company, group and individual in the business is extremely necessary. Each individual and department in the enterprise will see the interrelationship between the goals of the individual and their department, thereby understanding how to achieve the common goal, increasing interaction

Organize productive meetings

Regular meetings are an ideal place for managers to convey many valuable messages to employees. However, many people do not do them effectively. A successful meeting must meet all three of the following factors:

  • Have a clear agenda and goals: the schedule, the message you want to convey needs to be carefully prepared. Help you be more ready for the meeting, avoid arising problems that cause a deficit in time, effort, resources,...

  • Avoid giving too much information: One study found that ineffective meetings always produce 40% more information than the rest. Therefore, keep only the most important messages short and concise.

  • Reduce the number of participants: The more people participate, the more information needs to be exchanged. Meeting time increases, quality goes down. So just invite relevant people to participate.

Listen and survey employees

To grasp the current state of internal communication in the enterprise, managers should regularly survey employees' opinions. From there, there will be appropriate communication methods.

Listening is more important than communicating. A manager who knows how to listen to employees effectively communicates will be significantly improved. At this time, the enterprise's internal social network is what needs to be improved.


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