In Vietnam 65% professionals who are 30+ years old now, are at high career risk!

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How industry is informing and and how much changing it's demands of the different skillset, job and careers. Last week I was having an interesting conversation about the career development for the professionals with one an experienced career consultant friend, working for a renowned career consultancy company. During our conversation particularly focused the career development for the professionals who are at the age group 30 - 40 years. She mentioned about a large number of Vietnamese professionals are coming to her company for career or employment services. Then I asked her back,

How many percentage of those candidates you cant help or find any job?

Then her response was this

Around 25% of those candidates I cant help at all. Even they are already in C Level.

Then I asked her again

How many percentage of those candidates you are not NOT SURE that you will be able to find any job?

Then her response was this

Around 40% of those candidates I am not sure that I will be able to find employment for them

This actually showing a very harsh picture. This means actually 75% candidates who are looking for employment or headhunting support for the next career path, even professional career/employment services cant even help them!

Why? To find that we need to go back to how they growing and how they actually plan their career! Now another question may raise,

Did they really plan their career before since when they were less than 30 years old?

Those 70% professionals, most of them were just doing their job in their company and rest of the time they are not doing anything for their skill development! And due to culture and lack of people development programs, those professionals are not growing and finally facing to a risk in career.

How they can tackle or avoid that risk? If you are in already professional or even 30+ now, this is the right for you watch NOW!

The lifeline for those professionals is a social future CEO, CMO, CPRO, Director, leader/Manager program which is showing even more effective than a class room based program.

Rather then wait for a 'luck', 'relationship' this program will prepare you though practical journey, feedback success for you next career steps - manager/leader, director or C level.

So join and start your journey for next level from today! Apply here!

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