In VSHR Pro Academy Managers are like practical coaches for our team members

We had a successful week! Then we went out together with our consulting managers including their team members this Friday night to share, inspire and have some great time together. We played games and won exciting prizes. We work together every day to deliver excellence to our clients so we also organize our team engagement very regularly to keep our team spirit to the best. In VSHR Pro Academy, our managers are our team member's practical coaches.

Opportunities We ​Offer:

  • Big room to develop yourself

  • Business partnership and ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

  • Result and highly reward oriented environment

  • Friendly, passionate, and supportive working team

  • Have a FAST career growth opportunity (3x) for each individual team member

  • Self-managing and freedom in working time & space

  • Intrapreneurship opportunities

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Zero politics and a transparent environment

Looking for an inspiring career, where your managers are your coach? Join us! Different career opportunities are here

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