Invest in yourself to gain knowledge and vision to solve the problems, grow your potentials

Recently during a Career mentoring session with John Masud Parvez received a problem statement from a mentee and then John shared his prespective on that problem stative during the mentoring session Though this article we would be the sharing with you that problem and suggestion, so that can also help you, and add value to your life or initiative you are working on. The questions was -

John, I am an young professtionals, I am trying to make my career. I often feel I am lack of energy, even though I want to do many thing but I feel I dont have the energy to do that, I cant keep motivated as well. How can tackale this problem?

John Masud Parvez Start replying this way

You need to be start responsible and take full responsibility everything happens to your life. and Completely stop blaming other for anything negative happen to you.

Exactly or will make mistakes like other people and put children at risk.

Exactly or will make mistakes like other people and put children at risk

Or yourself will drive down som road due to your wrong mind, lack of knowledge, lack of focus, you will Put your children, family under loan and make them suffer!

Do you want that? I dont! So you want to ensure and they can look up to their dad or monther like a king/queen so they can live on my eco system you have build though your amazing hard work. And then they can grow more, Do better for the world and add more values for the people around the society.

When you become educated you, you will have a vision and you can understand How your appartment eating you?

How wrong you invested in wrong places?

How big % of your income you invested in luxary?

And how little % you invest in yourself? and why you are not growing?

The biggest mistake most of the people does, is they do not invest in themself. One of the best decision I did in my life always is I always invested in myself and that was an amazing decision for me. And I want other people does it too always so they can grow and gain the proper vision, skillset etc. That's why VSHR Pro Academy giving scholarhsips to people to help them to grow.

By investing youself you will know the difference, will achieve a mature, correct thinking to solve problems.

Making a problem is easy, Very easyBut solving takes time.

Knowledge and mindset are the most valuable thing on this world

Now you may ask this -

Why am I spending my own time saying this this here?

The reason is this, I did not have any one to mentor me, if I would have? Then I could achieve more for sure. That's why I always made my mind, I will be that mentor for others and help them. I love helping people to grow, and inspire them to become more successful, so they can help the people around them, and also take care of their family better. I want no one should be poor on this society. So ya in return only one of the two things will I will get

First thing - You listen to me, and you really give effort in your life and achieve a better life, and you speak, yes John Masud Parvez told you something which changed the way you though or which helped you to achieve.

Another thing - Yes, john told me so manything, but I did not listen to him, I did not stay focused, I did not put my effort and I am still struggling, I am regateful.

So now, I am waiting, which options you going to pick up.

Choice is yours!

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