Is the Marketing Medical service for hospitals advertising?

Is the Marketing Medical services for hospitals to do promotion (Advertisement)? The basic concept and what have we done with “customer-patient satisfaction”?

The basic concepts of 4Ps of traditional marketing (Product-Price-Promotion-Place) for tangible products (Products), extended through products and services - "Service" - which cannot be created in advance, inventory , of the same quality as mass-produced products; The service is very dependent on people, operating systems, and images- the proof and transmission of proven experiences, therefore expanded by another 3Ps to 7Ps (Booms & Bitner-1981): People- Process- Physical Evidences. Hospitals with the name "hospital" are considered as "hospitality service" industry in the same way. The difference is that "service quality" is difficult to assess or "produce" like a physical product: a service has "quality" or not - it is obtained by interaction between customers and suppliers. service - arises from "satisfaction" which is ambiguous and emotional. Many service marketing models (medical) have also been developed to give good results: 5 service quality management criteria (Tangibility, Reliability, Accuracy, Assurance & Empathy), these criteria are expected to increase give customers and suppliers the feeling, accuracy, confidence, assurance and mutual understanding of the nature of the service. Ease of implementation, assessment and improvement of the human-machine system, from the hospital provider's point of view, often using models of "expectation" and "reality perceived" (Expectation vs Perception) ). Because of human subjectivity in service, it is quite difficult to record and measure the "gaps" between "expectations" and "perspectives". The goal of the medical service provider - the hospital, is also to minimize this "gaps", ie the best increase in customer satisfaction. There are 5 main “gaps”:

1/Customer expectations with service management perspective;

2/Looking at service management with the initial base standard development

3/Between the established standards of the hospital with the actual service happening;

4/Between the actual service of the hospital with the customer's description (subjective in view)

5/Between the customer's expectations and the actual service perception is happening.

Combining extended models with 3Ps, 5 quality criteria and 5 "gaps" between "expectations and perceptions", it is possible to build a marketing strategy of "marketing mixes" for BV, around 3 objects: Hospitals (manager/investor) - health worker (employee/providers) - patient client. The 3 axes of medical marketing similar to other service industries will be: internal marketing, external promises, and interactive marketing. Most hospitals in Vietnam do not seem to have done anything really significant for all three of these basic strategies: especially training, care and regimes for health workers - "internal customers", from a long-term perspective of the “investor”, often a personal-defensive effort rather than a hospital-wide strategy. Interaction at service touchpoints, partly improving from regulations, competing hospital image…These two things are getting better because “medical staff” understand their internal and professional issues. Marketing for customers is still fragmented, not long-term stable, sometimes it is too much to talk about service quality - facilities, creating too many “expectations that exceed reality service”, leading to subjective misconceptions from their customers, pushing health workers to difficulties in service implementation when they themselves are lacking in skills, knowledge, quality processes and care internal rewards.

Basic summary- Plan "internal marketing"- connect internal communication for health workers and increase service interaction at touchpoints (“Interactive marketing” – create patient experience at the whole examination and treatment process; “Patient experience”: doing a good job of outlining the positive effects of patient journey mapping should be the first step towards creating value based healthcare). If there is media out there, it is better to tell the community first – we are doing a good job taking care of health workers, the working environment and how to increase the positive patient experience rather than advertising too much.

Source: VSHR digital media

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