Is there a way to remodel the present health service model of Vietnam?

Today at the beginning of this discussion I would like to start with two questions. Do you know, who gives the most amount of heath advice in United Sates? Medical social worker!!

Can you guess, what is the percentage of that compare to the total need or demand? Answer is 70%!!!! In the United States, medical social work got started in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital, which started a training program in 1912. Today the number of U.S. medical social workers is about 170,000 !!

Now let's think about us, how about in Vietnam? Its a sad %!! The core reasons of this fact are the present service model, socio economic status, culture, academia etc. Vietnam Social Health Revolution is keen to disrupt this model's issues, so have created this GENIUS UPSKILL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM!

Why Vietnam social health revolution is keen to disrupt this present model issue? Because if that happen then low income Vietnamese people will have a better healthcare opportunities and Vietnamese medical professionals will also have a more opportunities for their career development.

Genius Upskill program has 3 scholarship courses, among them one is 'Share for life'. The purpose of 'Share for Live' scholarship is to share, connect, upskill and inspire medical, pharmaceutical students, so they will have the hands on skills to become the community nutrition advisor!!

Today was the 3rd mentoring session of the 'Share for Live' scholarship program. On this mentoring session mentor Dr Thuy shared her practical experience, knowledge about 'making the meal plan'. After the workshop and the last part there was an exciting quiz for the scholars as well, to assess and inspire their learning. Organizers used an educational technology to run this and three Medical students of University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Hang, Khanh, My scored the most. Congratulations to them!

You can find today's mentoring session's slide here

Wanna get this scholarship?? Apply for season 2019 !!

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