Is your goal is very hard or very easy to achieve?

Do you think your goal is very Easy or very HARD?

When we are young we often find ourselves setting a goal is stressful. We have so many masters who always keep telling us to set goals and jump for them. But why we can't achieve our goal? I was being the same person as you too.

Then when we set a goal, most of them we drop out from our goals. Because we found that is too hard to achieve. But is that a truth or a lie?

In my personal life, I studied all my failed goals. The reason for failure was not the difficulty level but most of the time any of the following four mistakes -

Mistake 1: I thought that goal was way too easy to achieve and aim for a very low effort plan to achieve that goal. Recently I was having a conversation with some of my friends. I found even though they are around 30, but still they are making this common mistake, of way too less estimation.

Mistake 2: Start with a really big speed, put a lot of effort, put everything to a side, and just only work on that. It sounds great when so we are FOCUSING on ONE THING. but actually by doing that we often get burned out the fastest time. Most of the great goals actually take years or months to achieve. So rather than pushing too hard, need to consistently put effort to achieve them.

Mistake 3: Not putting enough effort is the biggest guilty. We set a goal and then we often are busy with other things and spend way too less time achieving the goal. The goal will never walk itself to us, we need to walk to them.

Mistake 4: Was looking for shortcuts and hacks. The fact is there is no shortcut and hack to reach the goal. If you looking for something like that then these are some options- Learning from others, learning from mistakes, getting a mentor, taking a program, and actively looking to learn new skills.

So I would like to conclude this writing today by this, Are you guilty of any of those 4 mistakes to your goals? If yes, go ahead and kill that, or that goal will die and give you one more round to message - you are not learning from your mistake!

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