IT Shapers: First Day Working

My full name is Nguyen Phuong Thuy, Digital QC Intern of the #IT #SHAPERS #Internship #Program. I’m very glad to tell you about my first working day at VSHR. I have learned the following things:

  1. How to use SLACK

  2. The importance of DISTRIBUTION

  3. How to upload videos on Youtube

SLACK is the best communicating application for every enterprise. It is integrated many functions such as a channel for every conversation, keep your data secure, the search turns conversations into common knowledge, connect your tools...

In the past, when companies launch new products, they hold events for hundreds of people. These human numbers may change a little but It will increase exponentially if they are posted on social networks. With the advent of digital technologies and heightened awareness of the digital customer, traditional channels are struggling to keep pace with the new-age digital others. The Digital Distribution channel is equipped with digital technology to engage the customer continuously and with the right tools (like co-browsing, video chat etc.) to operate and support remotely. The Distribution platform will have access to a similar set of services to help in face-to-face interactions with the customer. At the core of the solution are social analytics, lead generation, click analytics and customer insight generation. This enables automated context generation and insights into the customer automatically, to scale and help in Direct Distribution without agent intervention.

I have learned the reason why distribution is really essential so I expect to learn about #SEO which helps me attract more viewers next two weeks.

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