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With more than 21,000 participants in a recent study, experts found that 40s employees who stayed in the same company over time became less pleased, and people who moved to other organizations over time became more satisfied.

What does this mean? Does position satisfaction come from staying in a company or leaving it? What would maintain their satisfaction if someone decides to stay in an organization?

1. Communication

Communication can be crucial to retaining satisfaction on both general and professional levels. It allows employees to be open, collaborative, trustworthy, and even aggressive when needed.

2. Culture

Defining a company culture links to job satisfaction as it provides values and guidance about topics ranging from organizational goals to appropriate levels of interaction between employees.

3. Security

It's no wonder that once establishing a culture in a workplace, job satisfaction can be improved by adding a sense of security. Security may occur from knowing you function for a viable business with long-term objectives, insinuating feelings of belonging to that company.

4. Leadership

Tied into increased incentive for employees, leadership, or impacting a group toward achieving a common vision or set of objectives, can lead to job satisfaction by assuring communication and instruction of tasks are adequate and easily understood.


Worrying that you are not have a good enough employee training strategy, Future Leadership Program is here to help! We provides the company with a practical yet handful solution for your employee development strategy:

  • Leadership

  • Culture Development And Sustain

  • Talent Attraction For Team Setup

  • Technology Driver

  • Problem Solving

  • Project Management

  • External Engagement Power

Stay tuned for VSHR further updates about the Future Leadership Program on how we can provide a practical skill sets for your employee development strategy:

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