John Masud Parvez mentored 2nd runner up team on Hackathon 2022

Our society has so many problems. So what do we do about them? For me definitely, those are challenging things but I also see those as great opportunities for youth to work on this problem and solve them.

Well, there are a lot of people who love talking about the problems and like to keep playing with the problems on social media, keep publishing news which is good but for me, I think that is the very base level thing to do. What we need to do is, create different kinds of opportunities and platforms for young people so they will be able to work on those problems and solve those problems.

What I'm talking about is the platform which a place that can become a go-to place for youth for getting coaching, mentoring, resources, and fostering their ideas into a real-life project. The true idea is when it gets implemented in real life and people or society get benefit from that.

With that perspective of myself worked on the youth development and job unemployment problem in Vietnam for 3 years and then we started the contest Vietnam's amazing student. The key purpose of the contest is to offer university students a platform that provides support in fostering their ideas in real-life projects. The whole process also provides them with skill training, mentoring, and inspiration which actively helps them to implement their ideas in the real-life environment as projects and then turn into real-life initiatives as a non-profit aspect or even for-profit.

so that's why when I heard about of it hackathon contest 2022 and when I got the invitations do to become a mentor for the contest, My answer was YES without any doubt.

I was mentoring three teams for Hackathon 2022 and I felt really happy with what my 3 teams were doing to solve different problems. And I'm so delighted that one of the team was in the top 3, become the second runner-up.

My team who become the second runner-up for them I have a big hand for all of you guys. You have done incredible work which is inspiring. I'm so delighted that I could be part of the journey to but also I wanted to mention this-

Don't stop! Don't stop your projects, this is something you just got a platform now. So never stop! Look around and find every possible way to motivate yourself to constantly work on those ideas and establish that as a sustainable project. Then your project will make a great impact on the Vietnamese community. I am always here if you need my help or if you need my resources, feel free to reach me at any time. I will always extend my hands to support you.

I want to say all the best to the organizing team members. Good work! Everything has strengths and weaknesses. So this season was an experience for you all so you will be able to improve them on the next season. But more importantly, don't stop organizing the contest. I will be always happy to be part of this contest and love to work with the youth to make their ideas into reality. Also, big hands to Foreign Trade university for inspiring their students in developing their projects. See you soon!

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