John Masud Parvez's Career Success workshop for Aviation Academy student

Total 320,000 - 325,000 students are graduating every year from all Vietnamese universities and colleges. Then John Masud Parvez, asked the all student participants according to them how many of them are finding it difficult to get their first job after graduation?

Responses to that questions from the majority students was around

"5 - 25% is finding to heard to get their first job"

But according the the local authorities statistics, 200,000 fresh and young graduates are finding it hard to get their first job, so the actual percentage was


It's shocking and also surprised VSHR. But VSHR turned that to an action, did the research for 2 years to find out the reason of that high unemployment rate. During the research period VSHR interviewed different hiring managers, directors to and asked questions like -

Why you are not hiring fresh graduate ?
Your job description is so simple that university already certified this a fresh graduate can do but why you have added 3 years of experience?

The out come of that research identified the 3P problem among Vietnamese fresh graduate. Vietnamese fresh graduates are largely struggling in 3P skill, that's why companies preferring to hire an experienced one. Those 3P are

  • Project Management skill

  • Problem Solving skill

  • Presentation skill

VSHR is annually organizing the contest Vietnam's Amazing Student to resolve that skill gap for Vietnamese student. Beside that VSHR is sponsoring other contest like - Voice of Youth at Vietnam Aviation Academy at Ho Chi Minh.

3rd May 2019, John Masud Parvez was the trainer for the career success workshop where John trained the Aviation Academy students on the - Presentation skill. This workshop had two segments. Please read more -

First Segments was about workshop where John trained students about preparing and doing a presentation with various examples and case studies. To give a holistic skill set, he covered the following parts -

  • How to prepare for your presentation?

  • How to start your presentation?

  • Your body language during presentation?

  • How to stay connected with your audiences?

  • How to end a presentation?

During the 2nd segment was a practical segment. 8 teams participated for a 5 minutes crack presentation. Topics were given randomly and team was presenting after a 10 mins stand up to John. During this demo period John also provided feedback to each teams about

  • What they have done well in their presentation?

  • What can be better in their presentation?

Following to that John also mentioned about 5 students who did well in their crack presentation. Then John also mentioned about 3 students who did really well on their presentation and gave them encouragement prizes.

The president of EEE club Tania shared her deep appreciation and thanks to John about providing such workshop. Then John also mentioned

It's my pleasure to share the things I have learnt from my life to aviation academy students, so they can do things better.

To know more about John, Please visit

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