John Masud Parvez's summery of HMA 2019 and the story of winning the Asian Award 2019

It was great two days at Hospital Management Asia 2019. I was meeting, listening, reading, talking all two days with thousands of people.

There are a lot of key take away for me on this HMA 2019. Let's talk first about what were the key focuses streams during these two days.

  • Healthcare 4.0.

  • Financials Streams

  • Leadership Stream

  • Marketing 4.0

  • Patient Experience

  • Talent and Culture

Financial Steams: This is important as this is going to define who fast the future adaptation of different new process, operation and digitization will happen. Same time the key challenges on this part is the next 10 years is to much changes to be happened, so it's really hard to predict the market needs. As it's harder to predict so risk management need to done more closely to ensure the investment does not go in wrong way.

Healthcare 4.0: This is always been an interesting streams and I spent a good amount of time on this steam. After standing what I realized this the experts who were seating on the panel, actually they have not done anything like that in their own organization. So it's still a bit concept base. So we are not far behind of that. And also which is stopping other countries to take forward is the future is so unpredictable.

Patient Experience: This is really strong and happening other countries. Vietnam is relatively behind on this stream. So we have opportunities to learn from their success and failure stories.

Marketing 4.0: I was listening several talks on this stream. I got to say that the talk coming from one expert from Myanmar was really old, and behind the situation in Vietnam. So what I have heart, it was not 4.0, but more like Marketing 2.0 in health industry.

Talent and Culture: There were several experience people were sharing about this. The issue was clear among their voice that all the talented, inspired people are going away from the large organization and setting up their own thing. That is happening due to the talent management and cultural issue on the big companies. I stoke on this forum and explained the following two -

Culture is the key and it based on 'Leadership'. Leadership grows on 'empathy' and 'appreciation'.

If your employees don't like your company, then your customer is not going to like your company too.

Leadership Stream: There a large numbers of CEO and Senior management people on this stream. Was listening to their views and prediction. But I found they did not shared their much true stories, but more like a formal stories. But I have learnt one new interesting thing which is -

How the PPP works in Hong kong.

I Would like to share you a good news. We have also won the Best Asian Technology and Innovation project award at Hospital Management Asia 2019.

After my 5 year digital transformation work at RMIT university, It was my 1.5 year journey at healthcare industry and glad that we got some great stuffs done.

We all Hoanmiers are thrilled to think we competed with countries like Singapore, Korea, China, India and won this! Going to add a lot of inspiration for the whole corporation!

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