John Masud Parvez's Philosophy to found VSHR

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

A little bit about John, Masud Parvez

John is Founder and President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR). The purpose of 'Vietnam Social Health Revolution' is to keep developing capabilities by the scale and sustainable value stream to support - resolve different health-related concerns in Vietnamese community and finally move forward to build a Quality health service model for Vietnamese people. John also is the chairman of Vietnam's Amazing Student contest. 

In professional life, John is Group IT Director of Hoan My Medical Corporation. Prior to that, John was in charge of Technology Project Development for RMIT University.

Recently John spent time with a community group and he shared about his views, philosophy believes in social impacts and his own life. On this article we are sharing you some key highlights of his sharing session's question and answer part. 

What give you the spirit to work for a social organization, develop it with hundreds of people in a year of time?

I love to do it! I love to live for the greater goods. I think Living for myself is too relaxing and boring, it does not let me explore my most challenging things in my life and is a big obstacle to see how much I can achieve in my life. I love challenges, enjoy doing difficult things and have a meaningful life. 

Some people have a lot of things to think about such as - their parents, their kids. It’s hard to take part in when you have a family to take care. How can you do it?

You are right. I think about my parents too. I love them. Take care of them as an elder son basically all the important decision of my family I take for them as well.

About money? I never had a dream to be the richest man!  I just want to be wealthy enough to pay my all reasonable needs!

But I always wanted to have a life which must be positively impact.  So the day I will die, I will die happily thinking what so many amazing things I did for the people in this world. So since the very early age of my life, I was doing research on technology and then I expanded the sector into the social development.  

Here my I talk about people, you care about your own but. But did you think? Your parents, kids, wife all is part of that people community. Now if you start caring about the whole community, other will do it then we will achieve an amazing community for all people. 

Everyone has reasons and problems in our life, if we make those excuse, we can't do anything and our limit will so small. If we make those problems as our inspiration to do an interesting thing, think to try to learn new things. We will be able to see our life is a gift and we can do so many amazing things. 

So I turn every excuses to a power to do things which I want to achieve. Example: oh too busy, don't have time ! So I improve the 'time management' skill and do that things what want to do in community ! That's make me better ! Just doing that we can learn how to he super effective, means we will be better, stronger than our colleagues, friends. 

People start social work but after months or even week, they give up. How could you give up Ph.D. study and do social work for the last 6 years, form VSHR?

I always give my best effort to work on the social development project and in VSHR, I work almost all the time, go through so much stress for the social projects, deal with many difficulties, limitation and tackle those challenges. Create backup plans of backup plans to make an initiative successful. But when we deliver an initiative, see people got benefits, they give amazing feedback, give respect...oh that is an amazing feeling, you can't buy that even by billion dollars!

Like I mentioned earlier, I never had a dream to be the richest man. Here I will tell you one story if your read on my link I gave you about my profile. Even though I worked and learn with so many big professors all over the world but still my mom is my best mentor I ever met in life. My mom always told me since I am very small - "I wish you become a big man". She never told me " I wish you to be a rich man". Here "Big man" does not mean a famous plan, a big mean mans a man with a giant heart, who will always happy to do for the greater world. It took me a long time to understand actually what she means by that but I featured that out years ago. ​

Let's have a look at this video of social development

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