John & Vietnam: The call of FATE!

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

John & the call of Fate: Vietnam!

So many people believe that 11:11 is the time of magical moment with “transformation” that someone even wish to see that sign in their life, however, John Masud Parvez – Founder & President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR) , does not need that or any other signs to find his fate. Unexpectedly, the fate had come to him with 2 words, 1 country: Việt Nam!

So, Why Vietnam?

“Uhm, honestly, Vietnam was not in my any “list” back to the time 8 years ago but then, my company assigned me to come here and fix the problem of quality of the product development. It took me a while to think about the country that I have absolutely no clues about the locations, people, languages,… but as my belief that through new experiences we are given the opportunity to learn and evolve so I did say YES! And amazingly, that decision created changes in the flow of my lifetime included little black holes on my maps that draw me in, over and over again, until I have learned my lessons and motivated myself to build Vietnam Social Health Revolution – VSHR”, said John Masud Parvez, Founder & President of VSHR.

It is interesting that after sickness, you want to stay in Vietnam and help other people while the same person in that situation may just leave and live their life, any secret?

“Actually, there is another side of the story, which I rarely tell (haha). The true is: I was lost. Ya, after spending 4 years in Vietnam with my social research about health, I realized that it is just a “paperwork”, I wasted my whole 4 years, say no to my PhD offers in UK and …guess what, the rewards is just a PDF file, similar to billions of other PDF files in the internet. Depressed! I felt lost and did not know what to do next. Standing in between, I really thought that I should leave and start again, somewhere, not here. However, an idea came through my mind with a purpose that wanted to align with the highest mission I can hold: "Continues to stay and solve all the problems I found in my research!”

As John keep sharing about his wonderful time in Vietnam, together with Vietnamese and how happy he is to become a helper, a supporter for a better Vietnam, maybe we will think that “fate” is the probable outcome of his life, based on events that have happened in the past. Now, if you are reading this article and you have passion in research with reason for turning that “paperwork” into actions, go and ask John, he had been there before!

John Masud Parvez & his belief

And Will you…?

During the interview session, John received so many questions about his next moves or plans, but once asked about the topic of “future” as:

Will you change your mind?

Will you stop social development works someday?

Will you leave Vietnam and go to other unexpected country?

John makes a strong statement that “At this time, I have no plan to leave Vietnam!” However, as a global citizen with many years moving around with his family, due to his father’s relocated works, John shares that he believes the future is probabilistic, not deterministic, or fated, “except for Vietnam” as “You know! Every times I planned to leave Vietnam, there is something happens that make me stay! Well, maybe it’s my fate” (Big smile).

Seem like you are locking your position into an actual location, where it goes from being “probable” to becoming “real”?

“Well, it is all about LOVE. Yes! I LOVE TO DO IT! And I love the place! I have worked with this principle from the beginning of time here; let’s call it dreaming the world into being. I know that to “love” is to act, and that this is the basis of all creation. Instead of reading your old tired plan, and by acting for it, helping you recreate it yet again, my love for Vietnam empowers me to step outside and reach for my fate, right here right now, with VSHR.”

"Besides, now I am a SaIgonese" - said John.

So, about your expectation for VSHR and for Vietnamese, is it “a little too much”?

I believe our souls want more from their earthly experiences than just going through the process of survival. So am I that I want to experience joy, love and connection! I want to evolve past who I have been, into who I am becoming. What high mission did you want for yourself before you were born? Step out of the comfort zone and striving for choices is what I am doing now.

For sure, someone will think it is “too much” as now I have to be sacrificed my personal life, but it worth. As a song lyrics “If your dream don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!” I am living my dream now and nothing is “a little too much” when living life which I always wanted to have, and life to be proud of. So just claim them! Shoot for the stars! Dream big! Our future selves await us in a field of infinite opportunities and possibilities.

This is the story about John, his past and his future with Vietnam, maybe. So, exactly what he is doing now, at present, in Vietnam and for Vietnamese people? Let’s see in our next article about Founder’s story. be continued…

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