Killer Tools For Better Social Media Marketing You Need To Use

To stay competitive, any business must take advantage of every new feature that is released for social media platforms. Using the right marketing tools can assist marketers and social media managers in effectively managing campaigns. We'll take a quick look at the best social media marketing tools that professionals often use below.


Any social media marketer will almost certainly use Buffer on a daily basis. It is a useful tool that allows programming virtually any kind of social media post on any platform. For example, posts can be made every other day at 6P.M or on weekends. More importantly, this tool allows designing a specific kind of posting styles. Buffer also includes an analytics dashboard that allows you to examine the performance and engagement of your posts.

Sprout Social

It is an all-in-one tool for customer relationship management. It also includes analytics platforms, a social listing function, scheduling, and multi-level access to ensure strong team coordination. This tool is ideal and unique for tracking engagement and enables managers to foster and nuture relationships through quick response to comments or requests.


Canva can be great of help for social media managers whose weak point is graphic design. Because the majority of social media users prefer visual content, it has never been more important for your social media images and videos to be on point. Canva offers free and paid options, which offes a wide range of tools and templates to creating designs for any platforms such as Facebook ads, infographics, presentations and letters.


If you're unable to come up with ideas for content, Feedly can help you with this. It can give users an idea of the types of content that can be shared. Local SEO services can find a wide range of content that is relevant based on the reader's reading preferences, whether you want to read about sports, technology, marketing, or business.


If your social media marketing strategy is based on sharing blog content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Bitly is suitable to shorten URLs that will fit on posting across social media platforms. More importantly, you can track the performance of each shortened URL on a single platform rather than dividing your attention between different ones.

By VSHR Digital Media

Source: Forbes

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