Leadership 4.0 - Are you ready to Lead your team into victory?

The 4.0 Revolution 

Believe it or not , we are in the middle of a huge technological transformation which is Industry 4.0 to signify the fourth leg of this revolution. Do not be in denial about how 4.0 is impacting your business but the reality is you need to find the correct methods to lead and manage your talent to best adapt to your unique company in these changing times and prepare for a smart future .

This is where we can help you and your company.

VSHR Pro Academy is here to provide you with workshop and training materials on the following topics : Leadership , Teamwork , Sales skills along with a series workshop 

‘Leadership skill is more required for any organization than ever on this present era’ -          - John Masud Parvez

Why do you need to be a good leader ?

Did you know employees are 4 times more likely to seek alternate jobs if they don't have a strong leader ? It's a human tendency to look to a powerful leader to guide , motivate and facilitate their own , their team members and the company's growth. At the end of the day ,success and failure is not quantified with dollars but in lives which are saved and lost. Our product will cover the following crucial aspects :

  • What is Leadership and Management ?

  • Importance of Strong Managers during 4.0 Revolution

  • Evolution of styles of management 

  • What are ‘5 Dysfunctions’ in a team and Identifying and Solving these dysfunctions

  • Common Manager and Teams problem solving

  • Why do managers need meetings ?

  • How to run effective meetings 

Team building exercises , games and many more exciting activities

Why Choose Leadership 4.0 ?

Can you imagine teaching someone to swim or drive a car while sitting in a classroom with books and pens? You have to get your hands dirty and actually enter the pool or actually drive.Leadership is a skill which largely needs to be practiced or implemented rather than studied . The tips and lessons in our workshop at VSHR Academy Pro are customized to be more practical , skill and tool - oriented without outdated theories.  

Do you think a leader is a lower position than a manager? No, you in a wrong or outdated world

Life is a team game, so be a team player

Title will give you some pride but leadership will give you respect, happiness.

When you can speak for your team, to your team and listen for your team, you are a leader.

Contact us and be the Best Leader you can be.

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