Life Spirit Fund for Vietnam Social Health Revolution

We have fund and it's so important that we spend our fund in the right approach which will add the right positive impact to Vietnamese community.

So from now one we will call VSHR Fund as - Life Spirit Fund. And moving forward any fund request which you need for your initiative / campaign etc, you will submit by filling up the fund request from here.

The key criteria for getting the fund request approval as following:

  • Your spending must create sustainable impact.

  • Your spending must be renewable or reusable.

  • Your spending must be very cost efficient and effective.

  • Your spending must empower scalable initiative.

  • Your aim initiative must able to sustain itself as well.

  • You promise you will do your best to best use of the fund.

  • Your spending must aligned with United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - 3, 4, 17.

Does you project meet those ? Yes ! Then apply now !

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