Life taught me to be truly HUMBLE and HUMILITY when I was 16 years old

Recently I was having a conversation with one of the scholars of GUP scholarship. The scholarship was clearly not happy with his score and I saw him during the program and also saw him how sharp so I was telling him this -

I would be happy to see you having an High Distinction. A student in your talent, should get a High Distinction. I have seen you are bright

Then it reminded me a story when I was 16 and life gave me a wonderful session to be humble and live with humility. Here is the story of my life -

I was at the age of 16, I was one of the top students in my class, then I saw local government committee was organizing workshop on project management.

I found the program interesting and I applied for that and got selected immediately too. On the first day of the workshop, I looked around and also listened the other participants of the workshop. Then I immediately picked up in mind - None of these are better than me, they score are lower, I am the best, definitely I will be the top here too. And the program run for two 2 months and the result came out. I found my score is on the bottom 30%, not even in the middle level! That shocked me crazily !

I could not even believe my eyes that time. Was thinking there must be a mistake on the scoring!

More importantly, I could not believe, how can those kids who are way less talented, or low scores in class, are on top 10%.

I did not just stopped there. I was thinking what is happening? what is wrong here? Then I asked the mentor,

Why am I low, I cant accept that score! There must be wrong !

Then mentor told something which simply blow my mind that time because that time I truly realized every bits of those few sentences. He said -

The one who are not even close to your talent level or smartness, can always win over you, if you dont give your effort.
Your best will not come out by itself, you need to put effort for that. The one who are not even close to talent or smart like you, can always win over you, if you don't give your effort.

Then I was realized, -

  • I was not focused in workshop,

  • I was not paying enough time to do assignments,

  • I did not work in a team on that program,

  • I was thinking I am the best ! why should I work with them, cant help me !

  • I did not practice before the presentation too

Simply I forgot it does not matter, how good, smart or talented I am. I always have be humble and live with humility in my core. Because lack of these two did not allow my to put my best effort.

During the program, I was seriously wrong. I am good in school because I put BEST effort on my school work. So the same when I went to that program, I sould give my Best effort too. Then my best will come out of me, and put me on top.

It was a very good lesson I got at the age of 16. I am happy that I got that in 16, not later.

Since them I never under estimate anyone, anything. That lesson created a foundation inside me, the ability to work with everyone - a teenager, school student, University students, professional, senior professionals, top executive and highly successful and knowledgeable people too.
Thank you life for giving me that lesson that early.

I hope my life story can help on this.

Btw, I did not give up on myself. Next year, I came back to that program and completed as the top %. Because I knew, what I needed to the 2nd time !


John Masud Parvez

Founder & President of VSHR

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