LinkedIn single image post guide

Whether you want a picture to say a thousands words, or you need to show a graph or an image in support of snappy lines of text, the image post format is suitable for you.

Best format for:

Short and snappy statistics, educational infographics and contents, event promotions or relevant announcements.

Single image post dimensions:

To display well on LinkedIn feed, your image should be sized correctly. Best dimensions proposed: 1200 x 627px or 1920 x 1080px

If you choose to place text over the image use a sans serif font and avoid contrasting text colors to make it easier to read. Remember that people use mobile most of the time and they will see your image on it, so text and colors will have to be tailored for that.

Good to know:

  • An image is worth a thousands words, so make sure your image does not stray from your message and brand and bring value to your network.

  • Image post tend to be the lowest-ranked on LinkedIn, but only because they are mostly not executed well. You should celebrate your wins, but you should post the content showing how this win is good for your client (which value this win can bring to your client). For example, your team is growing. This is probably fantastic news for your revenue, but when it comes to your content your should focus on that you have another expert in X, Y, Z field that can offer A, B,C for your clients.

  • Use these posts as an opportunity to drive audience to your site. Something like an educational infographic accompanied with a link to a larger information.

By: VSHR Digital Media

Source: LinkedIn, Jun 2021

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