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Dr. Tran Ngoc Xuan - VSHR's mentor

"I want to live a meaningful life and see how far I can go .... As other doctors, my biggest challenge when I joined VSHR was time ... But I wonder if John - VSHR’s founder that can do many good things for Vietnam so why me - a Vietnamese, cannot?" said Dr. Tran Ngoc Xuan - VSHR's mentor.

Dr.Tran Ngoc Xuan is currently working at Children's Hospital 2. She is the main mentor for Live and Love - a funded scholarship program of Vietnam Social Health Revolution – VSHR. We had a sharing session with her before the first course training took place on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

How do you know about VSHR?

I suddenly saw VSHR's Live and Love program on Facebook. I started reading information and found that organization has mission, vision and the working process quite professionally and then I met John and he inspired me so I decided to join the team.

That sounds easy?

No, that isn't as easy as it sounds. As a doctor, the time issue was my biggest challenge when I joined VSHR that I often have to work at the hospital from 7 am to 9-10 pm.

Yes, the hospital does not ask me to do so as, the official time for working are about 48 hours / week. However, as a young doctor (I have just graduated from university two years ago), I need to keep practicing and spend more time to learn for real cases. That’s the reason why I often work 70-80 hours / week.

So how do you arrange your time for VSHR?

Usually I will take the time to read articles, write reports, seminars, ... when coming back home (after 9-10 pm). But with VSHR, I rearranged my schedule in the other way. I spend one or two afternoons during the week to complete the work of a mentor. By doing that, I find out my productivity even like almost 5 times higher than when I work normally. (laugh)

Whoa, feel like you are suffering yourself? (laugh)

(Laughter) You know, I want to have a meaningful life and see where is my limit....

What is your motivation to join VSHR team?

Well, there are three main reasons.

Firstly, the founder, John Masud Parvez, he is super enthusiastic. That make me wonder and ask myself if John can do so many good things for Vietnam, so why me - a Vietnamese, cannot?

Secondly, I see VSHR as a dynamic environment that I can learn and cultivate my English, as well as VSHR bring me the chances to learn from other members who come from diversity environment and sectors, too.

Finally, I found myself is a part of the community and I want to share, to give back to the community where I live and belong to.

Dr.Xuan and patient

As a mentor, how can you guarantee about the correction of knowledge or information that you share?

I think that all young doctors who participate in VSHR as mentor will ask themselves this question first, before sharing about any topics . Personally, I only share the so-called 'orthodox' knowledge and that is the knowledge I have spent a lot of time for researching and reading. There must be evidence or science that make those have values.

If the knowledge is still controversial or unreliable, I will not share in Live and Love program, or make it clear that this is just a reference for knowing, not for applying. So I'm completely confident with what I share in Live and Love.

In addition, there is a fact that while we studying in university, subjects such as Child Nutrition, for example, are a general subject for all medical students. Therefore, only few students focus on this subject, and most of them are specialized in nutrition. But when you go to work, check up for children, you will have to remember a lot and keep updating new things. On the other hand, a doctor can't tell patients like: Let me check the book. Right?

So I think, as a medical mentor for a program like Live and Love with responsibility involved in Nutrition for children, then I have to study again and do more research. And that make me become more proficient in nutritional counseling.

After joining VSHR, how do you think about the working environment?

Professionalism! I think VSHR team is really professional. The organization has a very good founder. It can be said that John can manage, communicate, approach people, keeps in touch ... well with all members of the organization.

So, will it be a long-term journey, with VSHR?

I can't say anything at present. And I am still trying my best to have time for participating in VSHR activities. In the future, I think it depends on some other factors such as family, health, career .... But right now, I really want to support VSHR long-term to maintain knowledge, improve language and contribute to the community.

Thanks Dr. Tran Ngoc Xuan for a very nice conversation. Wish your first course with Live and Love program will be full of the success!

Live and Love is one course under Genius Upskill Program Scholarship sponsored by VSHR.

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