M. Gary's letter for John Masud Parvez

Recently my friend M Gary sent me letter. When I was reading then I was seeing

a lot of values. Then I decided to share that letter to others as well, which I believe will help others to think more as well.

Dear John

I read your post about the healthcare conference and it seems like there is a long way to go to get the quality healthcare lift everyone wants through Asia and in your case Vietnam.

One thing I give consult to here to leaders is that too much time is spent just looking at what everyone else does in your specific industry. This creates a fairly limited and group think perspective.

You all race and compete with each other and only lift up to the level of each other. What I tell teams and leaders is to look at the capability you want and then find who does that the best and most awesome!! And that is often in other industries. Learn from specialized areas not just the competition. If you and your team go down that path then you can learn from the best and apply what makes sense to your focus capability areas to deliver much better outcomes and that is how you really become and lead positive disruption. Then everyone will follow you.

Once again, congratulations on award and I hope my comments above make sense.


M Gary

I highly appreciated his attention about my post and your words. Then this was my reply to Gary

Asian countries are having the fasting growth for years, that intensity is great, and now as long that stay constantly for next 10+ years, it will reach to great position.

Then I also added this up on my reply -

So I never giving up on the future of Asia, and that's one of the reason I never relocated from Asia or even Vietnam. But I did not just wish for that,
but also I was, am actively giving for the corporation where I work, inspiring other companies, industry leaders to create changes, perform transformation.
And same time though my non profit organization VSHR, we are making positive changes on the community as well.

Please read more about the VSHR's positive impact on 2018, click here

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