Major marketing pain points

What Are Customer Pain Points?

Simply explain, pain points are specific issues that consumers or potential customer of company are having in the industry. They are basically any concerns that the customer may face during their customer journey. Of course, these issues can be clearly distinct, and finding them all may not be simple. To get to the root of pain points, you must think outside the box and put yourself in their shoes.

Although a pain point might be a unique issue, little or huge, it is essential to classify pain points to better approach how to resolve them.

Major marketing pain points


This include all pain points where the customer wants to be more productive or has a more consistent experience while interacting with companies. These customers really want make more use of their time, therefore anything that adds complexity to the buying process will annoy them. It's not just about increasing your company's productivity and thereby making it more appealing to buyers. It's also about providing items that appeal to people who want to be more productive.


Support pain points are where consumers do not receive support during the buying process. Customers will go elsewhere if they can't find an answer to an urgent concern on website or receive a quick response from customer care. Customers will leave if they lack support, or the support they do have falls of their expectations, or the solution they are getting is poor. If a prospect does not receive the guidance and support they require when seeking for a solution, they will look for other options.


Internal processes can be a source of pain points. It could be a lack of coordination between departments, a lack of internal information, gaps in the sales process, misplaced systems, or anything else that stops people from performing their tasks or giving good customer service. People would be more likely to switch brands if the purchasing process is too complicated. However, the process pain points may be less noticeable to you at some points, which is why it is essential to communicate to customers


Financial pain points are where potential customers are overspending with their current providers or products and desire to save money. Simply defined, financial pain points are those issues that customers have that involves money. Perhaps customers are spending too much money on their current service/product/provider. They want to spend less money or get more for their money. It's likely that the payment terms they're now using don't meet their needs.

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