Marketing Communication Mix

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

What is a Marketing Communication Mix?

Marketing communications mix (Promotional Mix) which is an essential part of marketing strategy company, helps a company reach to their customers. This will raise the awareness of a brand and lead to sustained purchases of products or service offerings. Basically, the communications mix involves all the tools used to communicate with customers or potential customers.


Advertising involves spreading a message that points out a product or service being promoted to many people at one time. Organizations typically use mass media such as television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and direct mail to deliver messages to the public . Another popular means are on mobile devices and social media such as Facebook, blogs, and Twitter. Companies should make sure that their message is targeted as effectively as possible to customers. For example, if a particular company sells cosmetics, they don’t need to put out advertisements during football games.

Personal Selling

Personal selling includes setting sales appointments and meetings, making presentations by telephone, or via another technology. Whatever ways are used, reaching targeted customers and strengthening the company's relationship with customers is the main point. This is a relationship-oriented approach. Personal selling allows companies to get feedback and make adjustments. Targeted buyers become more attentive and sales force represents a long-term commitment.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion includes a variety of formats like premiums, contests, samples, coupons, contests, games, rebates, and mail-in offers that facilitate the advertising efforts. This tool is developed to attract the attention of customers, make strong and large purchase incentives. This also activates quick response and is used to accelerate short-term sales. This is not effective for building long-term brand preferences.

Public Relations

Public relations or PR is the process of building long-term public awareness through regular communication designed to help improve and promote an organization’s image and products of a company's various target markets. Public relations materials include press releases, publicity, news conferences, celebrity endorsement, events sponsorship. The main purpose of this is to build goodwill of the company by presenting the company so that customers will think more favorably and be more likely to purchase products.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing involves interactive communication with the company's target consumers individually or organizations. Direct marketing is also one way of beginning to build a relationship with the consumer through carefully targeted marketing content. The company’s messages are sent with special offers to get consumers to take action and to know the response of selected customers for new product launches. It is often via channels such as mail, catalogs, Internet, e-mail, telephone, and direct-response advertising. Other examples of direct marketing communication are online or print surveys, mail-order clubs, and infomercials.

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