Meeting Etiquette - What a Professional Should Know

Business meetings in the workplace promote efficiency, productivity of employees, and at the same time, is a great chance for individuals to showcase their professionalism. This leads to the matter of how to showcase that effectively, and meeting etiquette is the key answer.


It is a set of rules, a standard of behaviors which is expected in the meeting. Meeting etiquette encourages attendees to behave respectfully, and can change depending on the situation, ie. a casual meeting over cafe VS a formal meeting in the office. would be a little bit different.


1. Be punctual

Being on time is the foremost rule in business meetings. It shows respect to other attendees, as everyone wants the meeting to run smoothly without distraction from the lateness of one individual.

You can be on time, or choose to arrive early for a few minutes, which in some cases is even better. That said, you have enough time to prepare yourself, run over the agenda and get situated. In case of late arrival, a sincere apology is required, then make sure to have attention to the ongoing meeting right away.

2. Come prepared

For a business meeting with a pre-defined topic, it is always recommended to prepare beforehand. Research the topic, organize your thoughts and arrange them in the most logical way so that in the actual meeting, you can voice your opinion when necessary. Preparation of data and materials needed shows professionalism.

3. Dress professionally

The appropriateness may vary depending on each company’s nature. Follow the dress code your company requires in in-office meetings as it creates uniformity for all attendees. The same rule applies for meetings outside of office, but if you are uncertain, ask your managers what kind of attire is preferred and dress accordingly.

If necessary, preparing a listing of attire may help, since people have different views on casual and formal dressing. For example, a buttoned shirt with pant or long skirt is required for business formal, while a shirt with jeans is preferable for casual business.

4. Be attentive

By listening attentively, you show respect for others’ opinions. In addition, active listening helps to stay focused and on-track of everything being discussed, that way you can respond meaningfully for questions that may arise.

Nodding, or paraphrasing what you have heard to confirm your understanding. Also, put away technology, in this case, this means not having your phone out. It gets distracting when your phone rings and lights up. Put it in your pocket in silent mode, and leave the room if you need to answer important phone calls.


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