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Employers evaluate candidates through all aspects, including: expertise, attitude, skills and personality.

Each interview question behind that contains different employer survey purposes. Thereby not only verifying the candidate's capacity, but also assessing whether the candidate is suitable for the business.

1. Check your educational background and experience through referrals

At the beginning of any interview, candidates are asked interview questions related to themselves. These questions help the interviewer learn and assess the candidate's confidence through the introduction.

Interview questions about education and experience were also asked afterwards to gain insight into information that was not included in the resume. This is also a way to help employers evaluate and check the accuracy of information in a resume.

2. Test of cognitive ability

Employers through interview questions test candidates' acumen and intelligence. In particular, recruiters specialize in using situational interview questions to see the candidate's attitude, handling skills, reasoning and calculation ability when faced with a problem.

When hiring a management consultant, interviewers also pay special attention to the candidate's sharp thinking because they find that when evaluating this way, the level of accuracy is quite high.

3. Behavioral questions and listening to candidates' views

Behavioral questions focus on real-life experiences. In other words, these questions measure the candidate's "lifetime". The interviewer will know if the candidate does well under pressure, how well they communicate, and what their work ethic is. Here are a few examples of behavioral questions that employers use:

  • Have you ever had problems with your superiors? How do you handle the problem?

  • Have you ever had a difficult time when team members got into arguments and couldn't work together? How did you solve it?

  • Tell me about the best boss you ever had the chance to work for, why you felt that way, and what you learned from him.

  • Have you ever made a mistake? How do you fix it?

  • Have you ever had to deal with a dilemma with a customer? How?

4. Personality test, interests

Interviewers, when sophisticated and experienced enough, will be able to see what is a lie and what is true information. And interview questions about personality and interests are used for the purpose of assessing the suitability of personality to the nature of the job. From there, the employer also evaluates the candidate's ability to integrate and adapt after taking the job.

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