Mid-year analysis: How COVID has changed the recruitment process?

  1. Change in the interview process.

With the unseen virus circulating the world, the recruitment process has also been impacted. Now, almost all interviews are facilitated remotely. To keep everyone safe, the World Health Organization, National and Local governments have advised companies to hold interviews remotely if they can. This has set some barriers for the interviewers to completely "get to know" the person applying for the job. Firstly, we all know that body language says a lot about a person's personality. Unfortunately, it's become challenging to read people's body language from the screen due to the new hiring process. Employers need to deal with the fact that this is the reality now. However, the process has remained the same; we recommend that you must be prepared to discuss your qualifications and be authentic when going to an interview. It is now tough to filter candidates to add barriers caused by everything being remote, but it's essential to keep in mind that you need to present the best version of yourself in mind.

2. Employers are now looking for an additional set of skills.

With the global pandemic happening, many jobs started to move remotely. This transition required the ability to be proficient in using multimedia platforms to perform their jobs. Now, employers are looking for someone who knows how to use apps such as Microsoft Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Of course, this has added some additional stress to employees as well. They now need to learn skills to be considered in a position. The ability to utilize a digital workspace has become a very beneficial skill to have. Knowing how to use digital workspace will give you an extra leg up in the competition because it will alleviate the need for your future employers to train in using them.


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