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During the recruitment process, have you ever questioned whether what you do is really reasonable for the candidate and the business needs? In fact, because of the anxiety and urgency in recruiting personnel for the business, more or less causes employers to make unnecessary mistakes

1. Losing sight of your business strategy

Employers often recruit in an urgent state and need to find personnel in a short time. Leads to wanting to hire everyone for that position, reducing the quality of the overall personnel.

Therefore, no matter what the status is and how much staffing is required, it must meet the corporate strategy and basic requirements of an employee standard. Before hiring, it is important to define clearly: How do you need to implement the strategy? What jobs do you need staff for? Which request does he need to reply to?

2. Failing to see recruiting as a marketing challenge

Today's technology era is extremely convenient for candidates to learn information both outside and inside the business. They will study the company's reputation, working style and corporate culture.

So the key to a successful recruitment process is building your overall brand and also having a recruitment page where you present the employer's value proposition. Show candidates and feel their meaning and value when working in your company.

3. Avoiding candidate feedback

“The chef is considered prestigious when the food users make an affirmation”

Therefore, candidate feedback is very important, whether it is from a candidate who has been hired or rejected. Avoid assuming that rejected candidates will get one-sided feedback without collecting their comments on the hiring process.

Because collecting comments helps recruiters visually and objectively evaluate the recruitment process, because people who participate in the "recruitment service" and are affected by the processes are candidates. This is far more effective than giving them to a seasoned and knowledgeable recruiter.

4. Hiring People Less Qualified Than You

Many managers tend to hire people with less confidence or talent than they do, because they see it as a threat to their position and value in the business. But in fact, a real manager does not depend on how he affirms himself to do better than his subordinates, but in his ability to lead subordinates to complete common tasks.

What's more, by recruiting new members who are better than you, you can improve your own skills through the process of working together. Therefore, a wise manager will choose this.

5. Expecting Too Much, Too Soon From a New Recruit

The probationary period is a golden time to help employers see the development potential and real capacity of new employees. However, many businesses are too hasty in assessing the effectiveness and performance of new employees while they need time to integrate into the team.

Therefore in the first stage it is important to familiarize the new hire with the organization and team goals and to support them in the learning process. Enable them to proactively ask questions and seek advice, and schedule regular meetings to see how they're doing.

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