My Key takeaways of 2021 for starting the new year 2022?

Oki ! 2021 is going to be over !! What an eventful and also challenging year 2021 was! What are the key learnings in 2021? Hare are those

Depression is overrated: When can stay healthy and sound in a really bad situation all we need to do is to train our minds and feed that with something we are passionate about. 2021 that is proved to me!

Be good, no one can rob your goodness: If I am good, live good and do good things, think good banner. People with negative mindsets, attitudes can't stand in my aura. Yes, GO AWAY! I don't need those negativities

The mission is bigger than a temptation: We can distract from our goal very easily but if we could truly, deeply understand the value of our mission then it's much easier.

Quality over quantity: I always knew it but 2021 helped me to even sharpen to understand in terms of people we need quality over quantity.

Kindness and emotional control: Are you a kind person, Damh! then you got this problem. I had to work on this in 2021. We know about emotional control but we also need to know clearly how to manage our kindness too. This is particularly for the people who have a warm heart.

Man-made of principles: It this so important to have principles in life because that makes our life full of purpose, goals, and yes prestigious as well. Yes, I could tressure this well in 2021.

So, TIGER you are here finally! Let's ride!

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