My two key tips for you to transform yourself from loser to winner

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

What are they skills do you need make yourself employable after you get out of university? These are the skills -

  • Research skills 

  • Design solution skills 

  • Implementation skills 

  • Measuring your impacts / how many people get benefit from your solution?

You have not picked on the top 30 teams, and also your team as not being picked up for 10 team teams why? The reason you struggled in to those above skills, team work, project management skills etc.

We knew that you are going to struggle, that's why we have created this Vietnam's Amazing Student contest to gave you an opportunity to develop yourself and also let you to assess yourself as well in term of where you are in those skills.

So now you know, your weakness. So On this clip, I will give you to key tips which will help you spark the light and develop yourself to handle those challenges.

I also would like to mention to the teams who are on top 10, learning from other people's mistake is one the smartest thing of the world ! So dont miss this video too, as I also put a lot of tips for you guys too!

Beside that also we have the support for all the teams who are not selected and also being selected. Here are those supports,

  • Apply for GUP Scholarship

  • Apply for Social Development Factory

  • Stay close to VSHR social hub. 

Click here to join VSHR social hub!

Don't miss any of those support. Those are all for you, GRAB them all !!

See you soon again!!

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