Never done So you should do it NOW because it always better Now than never

Recently during a mentoring session with John Masud Parvez received one of the mentee presented a problem statement and then John shared his prespective on that problem stative during the mentoring session Though this article we would be the sharing with you that problem and suggestion, so that can also help you as well

I have a problem. I've never conducted a project by myself. After having tried to plan some ideas, I've ended up giving up b/c I believe that it's impossible in a short term, I mean, few months. Most of my ideas are based on application platform. I'm completely a non-tech guy to predict how hard it would be to build an app. Now I'm almost stuck. Have not figured out a practical and feasible idea. Do you have any tips for me for this situation?

John Masud Parvez starts with -

Congratulations! You may ask why did I say - Congratulation ? I congratuate you because you start to think about your project!
Let me tell you why? Let's ask yourself, why are you stuck? I will expalin you.

Remember, what I just said, last workshop - to build up a true project you need 4 skillset

  • Idea,

  • skillset,

  • mindset

  • Team

I will break it down to you one by one, so you can clearly understand what is your problem and how you can be moving forward to handle that challange -

Idea: You have something, now you are testing that in business model canvus. So you need to keep testing and challanging that, So complete your business model design, and RASE program will help you to close the gaps on the next workshop.

Skilset: You dont have it, so this RASE program you are taking to gain those skillset, after the program, you will have a gross skillset, and then you can take part in Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019 to test more your project in real life , beside that more advance programs in VSHR PRO academy to sharpern and grow more, no worries, that's 1 year program.

Mindset: To build up anything you need an extreme strong mind, to achieve anything the role is simple - NEVER EVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS CHALLANGE YOURSELF to be better. in RASE I will show you how to build up, Read the articles I am sharing with you on the channel

Team: I explained to you already last workshop. But let's fresh back. You already said in your question, why do you need a team? You are a medical person, you dont know how to code, So you need a coder to work with you, or have someone who can at least manage the development to code for you, you need someone to analyze for you. So first, all you need to find what you are good at it, and then the things you are not good at it, you need to find people to do for you.

Remember what I said in RASE program -

You want to be an SUCCESSFUL entrepenur, that means you want to LIVE IN UR OWN RULES, which is like 1% of the polution. So you need to BUILD yourselfs for that, so you cane arn that position

Remember the story- Slow , and steady, and focused, always wins the race, Jack Ma needed 15 years to build a business, 15 years ! How many days did you think?

You want to build a platform, the good news I tell you - Any IT system always very easily sustain itself, Now it's up to your creativity, how fast you can make it sustainable and profitable. To to be creative, the rule you need to - THINK.

One more tips, for be shy to tell about your project, also tell you are preparing yourself by RASE program. It will help you to recruit team mate fast, becasue they will think wow, he is preparing, so they will be more confident on you,

If they see you will give up soon, NO ONE will join you and you will fail because of having no team.

Oh I love your this line - I've never conducted a project by myself. -

That's why you should DO NOW, because it's late, but it's NOW better than NEVER, If you start now, your journey toward success starts now

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