Newsletter versus Email marketing

Email and newsletter marketing is one of the top marketing strategies employed by businesses today.

People like email because they have more control with email than social media. They can opt in and opt out easily (versus having to figure out settings on each social media platform; or deal with ads), they can choose whether to open an email or not (as opposed to social media where, if you don’t care for a post, you still have to scroll to past it), and they can delete emails that they don’t like.

And marketers like email because people check their email. When they wake up. When in line. On the bus. At work. For work. Email marketing gives you the ability to reach target audience, to keep current customers up to date on deals and promotions, products, and news, and to nurture leads into paying customers.

1. Newsletter

Newsletters are not blasts. An email newsletter is basically an email used in a marketing campaign. A newsletter is a structured, regularly scheduled email (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) that is sent out to your entire list. The content of newsletters is usually industry news, events, and other information your list will find value in. A newsletter is about being consistent and creating a bond with your email list. Newsletters also contain recaps of the content you’ve uploaded such as blog posts or videos.

Newsletter is a cost-effective medium used to boost business.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing messages are irregular and usually do not follow a set schedule, unlike newsletters. Email marketing messages are less formal and feature some kind of call to action or a sense of urgency at the end. You’ll find language like “don’t wait, sign up/ register now”, or “donate today”, and so on. It is imperative to get to know the most about your audience before sending them emails, so they personally find value in what you’re saying. When the readers of your email marketing opt-in to your list, you should ask them a screening questionnaire about their preferences and demographics.

By: VSHR Digital Media

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