Nostalgia Marketing

Discovering new media trends in 2021 in this article, Nostalgia marketing. This is not a new strategy but has started again and strongly affects users in 2021, because the epidemic makes people stay at home more and tend to remember the good times.

What’s Nostalgia Marketing?

Nostalgia Marketing is a strategy to hit nostalgic emotions, beautiful childhood memories of each person. The foundation of nostalgia marketing is built on an interesting insight, which is: “The older people get, the more nostalgic people arise about the past, about youth. It often feels great to relive the memories of yesterday.”

The target audience of Nostalgia Marketing strategy?

According to marketers, the nostalgia marketing campaign will be extremely effective for millennials (the generation born between the 1980s and the early 2000s), especially the early 8x, 9x. This is the generation with a deep sense of simple childhood, less dependent on technology. At the same time, millennials also mature and realize the rapid changes in society, science, and technology. This rapid transformation makes millennials feel very nostalgic for their peaceful childhood.

In addition, millennials are also the object of a large number and are potential customers for many products/services today. Therefore, nostalgia marketing strategy should focus on hitting millennials to achieve success.

Brands That Use Nostalgia Marketing

Coca-Cola "Unbelievable Double Take"

In March, Coca-Cola launched a new omnichannel campaign to promote its cherry, vanilla, cherry vanilla, and orange-vanilla flavored beverages. The brand used 3D technology to digitally insert images of Coca-Cola flavors into the hands of past players, coaches, mascots, and fans during memorable sports moments, such as North Carolina State's infamous victory over Houston in 1983. By invoking nostalgia about iconic sports victories, Coke manages to tap into sports fans’ sentimentality. The use of rendering technology is also a clever way to circumvent restrictions on live filming during the pandemic.

Pizza Hut "Newstalgia"

In a modern twist, Pizza Hut created a limited-edition PAC-MAN pizza box featuring an augmented reality game where people could win a custom PAC-MAN game cabinet. The brand encouraged customers to order a large pizza, scan the QR code on the box, play PAC-MAN, and share their score on Twitter using the hashtags #PizzaHutARcade #Sweepstakes. Playing on nostalgia, the brand has been promoting the campaign heavily on social media. Their customers seem to be loving the PAC-MAN throwback, with one enthusiastic user even commenting, “My favorite game as a kid!”.

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