Not be troubled when using RPO service by VSHR Pro Academy

While the hight cost HR solution which recruit high level employees and the cheap solution which provide the unreliable service, RPO by VSHR Pro Academy choose the market segmentation of affordable recruitment service. We invest all resources based on clients' need.

The best service is the one that best suits you. VSHR Pro Academy aims to

“We find qualified people to change company's future"

1. About quality

VSHR Pro Academy has a source of quality candidates from:

Programs to train students and young entrepreneurs.

Diverse contacts from more than 30 recruitment professionals with more than 5 years of experience

Approach candidates proactively - proactively in job search, including foreign candidates living in Vietnam

2. About time

The recruitment time provided by VSHR is always guaranteed. With each different level of personnel, VSHR Pro Academy searches, selects and interviews candidates for a period of 30 to 60 days. Commitment to the business as well as ensuring the progress of the recruitment process. Limit the delay and affect the progress of the work that is in need of personnel.

3. About the cost

While HR solutions companies provide high-cost services but only recruit high-level staff, and low-cost solutions provide unreliable services, VSHR Pro Academy's RPO chooses the market segment of Reasonable recruitment service.

We invest all our resources based on the needs of our clients so that employers will help businesses collect CVs.

4. About the insurance

Quality assurance and probationary time at the enterprise are also guaranteed according to different service levels. Convinced that businesses are very concerned about the "warranty period" of the process as well as the candidate, VSHR Pro Academy provides the right choice for the needs of the business, flexibly adjusting through 3 solutions:

Essential Solutions

Pro Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions


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