Not just an MBA but GET READY with a Practical program for your next career position

Now everyone who are working in a company are doing their work which related to their position only. Most of the employees has almost no opportunity to learn their supervisor role.

There is a big lack of people development support in all all industry. On the other hand side 20% young professionals are taking post graduate study but still facing hard time to implement that in to their work. Because the simple reasons are

  • The program they go though is they most listen the theoretical lecture, which they don't know how to implement at their work.

  • What they learn in the program does not even mostly not related to their next career role.

  • Roughly around 30 - 50% post graduate students are not doing their assignment by themselves

  • The assignment projects they do not in real life but just in slides.

That's why the most MBA program does not bring any values to a professional's career, except a title in their CV. Based social research and also understanding the issues, VSHR has designed this scholarship program to offer the next level leadership role, which is aligned to your career path to mentor you and also let you practice, execute those in real life projects to prepare yourself for the next level.

This a completely non profit initiatives, VSHR will sponsor the whole program and your will be working in VSHR office on weekend only. Week days you will be doing your regular work in your present job.


  • Strong Determination to develop yourself. Only 1 - 5% professionals finally reach C level in their career, you want to reach there, you got to prepare for that ! Around 30 - 50% professionals facing career progression issues after they are 35+ year old, You don't want to face that, you did not prepare for that.

  • Graduated already from University in any major

  • Living at Ho Chi Minh City.

Apply now and start your preparation today!

Though this program for season 2019, VSHR will provide this scholarship for around 10 - 15 professionals to develop them. Only 5 slot available up to date (21st August 2019).


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