OGX Beauty’s “Rock What You Got” campaign: Embrace Your Authenticity

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

OGX Beauty - a leading haircare brand owned by Johnson & Johnson has successfully expanded its customer base with a global campaign called “Rock What You Got”. The campaign, using a mobile-first approach, aimed to inspire and empower women to knock out the negativity and celebrate their individuality. Thanks to the “Rock What You Got” campaign, the brand has achieved great success by reaching 60% of millennial women across different parts of the world.

The challenges

OGX Beauty has been appreciating authenticity and encouraging its consumers to embrace simple and pure beauty. Besides, exotic ingredients and the unique bottle shape has contributed to making OGX outstanding. The brand has long been well-known for being a leader in the hair care industry with many notable achievements.

Strategy & Execution

Aiming to reach a larger global audience, raise brand awareness and drive more in-store sales of its haircare products, OGX Beauty came up with a global campaign targeted to women between the age of 18 and 34. The campaign was a result of the close cooperation between the marketing team of Vogue International (Johnson & Johnson), Juniper Park\TBWA (social creative AOR) and J3 (media agency).

In the “Rock What You Got” campaign, OGX Beauty planned on a mobile-first approach with newly defined global key performance indicators (KPIs) with a view to generating quick data-driven decisions on a global-large scale. With a “test, learn and iterate” mindset, OGX and its partner agencies took advantage of Facebook Creative Shop to produce creative social content then conducted testing in various target locations to develop and optimize the campaign.

Video ads featuring OGX products along with the key message “Rock What You Got” were run across Facebook and Instagram, giving the best practices for mobile. Besides, the brand benefited from great support of top media partners and influencers within the health and beauty industry such as Castillo Bataille, Maren Morris, etc.

The results

The “Rock What You Got” campaign has generated impressive outcomes after 4 weeks of being launched across 5 countries. Studies and analyses of the campaign have pointed out that:

  • 61% of millennial women reached within the US

  • 60% of millennial women reached across the UK, Germany, Australia and Canada

  • 8% sales lift in the US

  • 12 points ad-recall lift in Australia


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