On 2020 VSHR will offer 200 Scholarships, 700 webinar, 50+ idea incubation, Constant Health advices

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VSHR was founded on May 2017 as a non profit Organization (NPO) following the 4 years research work. Since then VSHR is constantly working to create different sustainable, scalable projects to solve problems which were found during that 4 year research period.

After almost 2.5 years of constantly effort of VSHR 300 nationwide members, currently running around 19 large scale initiatives and supported about 500,000 (Half Million) people. And on this 2020, VSHR is starting with a promise to expand the different supports toward around another 500,000 (Half million) people to make them healthy and also help them achieve their goals in life as well.

For this 2020 (Year of Rat), Around 200 scholarships will be provided to the youth, also for the officers to help them to achieve their work, career, life goals and also enable them to a person who can help others as well.

Beside that, our regular health advice and tips will always move forward though Healthcare book ( www.healthcarebook.org ). We want you to spend 10 mins every to learn those health tips, so you can stay healthy everyday, able to give effort to your life goals and also be happy by being around with your family.

We aim to incubate around 50 new idea to project, project to initiative. Our Vietnam's Amazing student (www.amazingstudent.org) is going to play a large part of that, though inspiring and upskilling the youth. So Vietnamese youth could develop problem solving ideas, skill set and live with the mindset to help people by solving community problem in sustainable approach.

Beside that we aim to provide around 500 webinars, 100 workshops, mentoring sessions for skill development for youth, professionals.

And all these information you can find in our home here - www.health-revolution.org

So let's visit, and get that opportunities, scholarship which fit to your life goals, plan.

Want to join VSHR as member, let's see open position and apply todayhttps://www.health-revolution.org/how-to-join-vshr.html

Want to join VSHR as staff? Let's see all the open position and apply today!http://health-revolution.org/jobs

We don't want to do it alone. We want to do it TOGETHER. So we also welcome mentor for our micro project, contest etc. The best way to master in something, is to train other on that. So let's share ! Join our mentoring team here


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Please read our Read Social Impacts News: www.lifeimpacts.org

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