One-type-fit-all solution? We don't do that here!

As the increase of the demand for digital training in the workforce, as CEO/HR managers, you worry that those courses/ solutions are just another one-type-fit-all, and some companies specified in some fields may find the solution irrelevant to their working style or culture.

With training 4.0, VSHR is here to answer this pain point. About training 4.0, the programs provide the learner with the skillset that is essential yet practical in the digital era, in terms of:

· Customer Experience Management (CX 4.0)

· Leadership Training (Leadership 4.0)

· Sales Training (Salesforce 4.0)

· Digital Marketing Training (DM.40)

· Digital Business Strategy

· IT Leadership and strategy

· Recruitment and Employer Branding

· Digital Transformation (DX 4.0)

· Digital Workspace

· Manager 4.0

· Employ Experience (EX 4.0)

· Strategic Thinking and Communication

· Recruitment and Interview Skill 4.0

· Business Writing

Through training 4.0, VSHR provides participants valuable yet handed-on skills about what they need to equip in the digital age. However, unlike other programs in the market consisting of one-type-fit-all programs, which misses out on the opportunity to reach out to specified companies that simply ask for nothing but a suitable digital solution for their employees.

Training 4.0 covers a broad digital skill set, understanding the ask for an appropriate solution. Each individual is tailor-made for any company that matches its working styles and cultures so that it can be integrated perfectly into the system of any company.

Employees will find the solution familiar to their daily work and projects in terms of insights and working styles. With a massive pool of trainers and consultants from diverse backgrounds that VSHR hand-picked to suit a company's working styles and cultures, employees will find it easier to relate the learned skills and adapt them to real-life working scenarios.

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