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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Vietnam is a volatile small market but has a very high number of social media users, and thus it will bring many opportunities for digital marketing fields and also challenges to tackle with. This article will talk about the 3 most popular Digital Marketing platforms implemented in Viet Nam and how to implement them in your marketing campaign.

Google AdWords

In 2020, Google dominated the search engine market in Viet Nam with a share of 91,97%. That year, Google was higher away from Cốc Cốc - the largest Vietnamese browser and search engine company ranked second with 5.26% [1]. Therefore, it is not much to say Google is an essential search tool in Viet Nam, where customers reach out whenever they have a demand. Regarding effectiveness, Google is recognized as one of the best selling channels for almost all products/ services because characteristics can proactively approach customers.

Where should a business start with Google AdWords? Let’s focus on three primary objects: Google, Customer (searcher), and Marketer (Website, SEO-er). The Google system will run sustainably only if searchers find out the precise information that addresses their demand, and Websites ( information providers of Google) attract a lot of traffic as well as achieve their goal. Google needs both to maintain its ecosystem, but because of its dominant role, Google is ready to get rid of any partners, websites having the potential to be harmful or inconvenient for searchers. As long as Google can retain the searchers, it can attract Websites, marketers, etc. Therefore, instead of peeling away all of the algorithms and understanding how Google works, businesses should make an effort to serve customers when they’re searching by providing accurate and helpful information. Here is some Google AdWords campaign:

  1. Google Search Ads - Attract people looking for your products: Google search ads are text ads that appear on the Google search engine results page (SERPs), either at the top, above organic search results, or at the bottom.

  2. Display Ads - Raise brand awareness: Image-based ads emerge on Google’s display partners and products (Websites, Forum, Blogs, Gmail, YouTube). This type allows you to target people who are likely to be interested in your products but aren’t looking for them yet.

  3. Video Ads - Get in front of the targeted audience: YouTube belongs to Google and acts like a video-based search engine. You can target your customer via Videos on YouTube relating to what they tend to watch.

  4. Shopping Ads - Advertise to shoppers ready to buy: These are product-based ads displayed on Google when customers search for them. For example, you can easily catch shopping ads from the giants of E-commerce, like Tiki or Shoppe.

  5. App Ads campaign - Increase your app install: Advertise your app on Google’s display platform. Unlike other ad types on Google Ads, you don’t need to create individual ads for your app. Instead, your ads are automatically designed for you.


The term SEO is too familiar for people working in Digital Marketing. The same as Google, SEO is a marketing channel based on the searching behavior of users. This article will refer to the first basic information when executing SEO: keyword research and keyword targeting:

  1. Researching keywords by the tool: you should choose a quality tool instead of using many ineffective tools. For instance, the paid version of provides a variety and detailed data statistics for related keywords. The big goal of any SEO campaign is looking for potential customers, and data is the trusted thing that can not lie to you.

  2. Researching neglected keywords: Neglected keywords are searched every month, but none of the SEO-er does before. It also means if you write your advertising content with these keywords, your content will rank on top right the way.

  3. Researching niche keywords: This refers to keywords that do not contain the main keyword, but Internet users are interested in and relate to the topics they want to read. For example, when you write content about Football, you can split keywords by gender. If the readers are male, you can write about “CR7”, “Messi” or “EURO”. For women customers, you can mention their typical sleep-deprived nights when their husbands wake up at 1h45’ to watch a football game.

Facebook Advertising

Apparently, Facebook is the world’s most popular media platform, and thus this fertile marketing channel gives businesses many opportunities to engage new audiences and generate brand awareness. Whether you are looking for unpaid social media marketing or set aside a regular sum of paid Facebook ads, Mark Zuckerberg offers every budget for your marketing strategy, which can include:

  • Facebook Ads

  • Business Pages

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • Facebook Groups

Here is an overview of the type of advertising through Facebook splitting based on the marketing campaign’s target.

Targeting for selling:

  1. Ads increase traffic engagement (cost per click): rate website traffic, provide more information and choices for products or services, and increase the credibility of companies.

  2. Interactive ads: boost like share, comment activities on advertising posts. Reaching more potential customers will generate the purchase and use of products/ services.

  3. Ads for the number of App installment: a characteristic service for providers of Applications

  4. Ads increase viewer: If your marketing campaign uses video, these ads will be perfect for displaying video to the target audience at the most effective cost. Facebook has updated the algorithms to allow video display with full HD quality and an effective suggest mechanism.

Targeting to measure conversion rate:

This platform is used for products/ services selling via Websites. The evaluation criteria depend on conversions: view information, add cart, purchase, checkout.

Targeting to promote brand awareness:

This kind of ads increase the reach and brand awareness, the cost of the ads will be lower than others and measured by reach.


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