OPSM’s “Penny the Pirate” Campaign: Making the Eye Tests Fun

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

OPSM - an Australian professional eyecare provider, has achieved great success by making eye tests fun with the “Penny the Pirate” campaign. Run by Saatchi & Saatchi Australia (creative) and OMD (media), the campaign was to introduce a self-testing book and app for detecting children with vision problems as well as raising parents’ awareness of children’s eye health.

The challenges

It is reported that one in every 4 children in Australia has a vision problem. However, only half of them were diagnosed and detected since eye tests for children are not very popular in the country.

Strategy & Execution

Targeting parents with 3-to-10-year-old children, OPSM introduced “Penny the Pirate” as an interactive children’s book and mobile app allowing parents to track their children’s sight and detect vision problems. This is thanks to the ability to record screening results once children interact with “Penny the Pirate''.

OPSM has partnered with a variety of bloggers and Australian schools to test the book and collect their opinions and thoughts about the “Penny the Pirate '' to create articles. Besides, OPSM heavily invested in social, SEM, performance and display ads to drive online traffic to OPSM online. The campaign also took advantage of the holiday period when parents spend more time with their children to launch a 30-second TVC, in-store displays or cinema activities to amplify communication and promotion efficiency.

“Penny the Pirate” is easily accessible to parents with the book being free to pick up at OPSM stores across Australia and New Zealand along with the mobile app being freely available on App Store and Google Play.

The results

OPSM’s “Penny the Pirate” has produced impressive results such as:

  • 126,000 books sold

  • ranks No.1 in App Store’s Health app during the launch time

  • 50,000 engagements on social media within 2 weeks of launching

  • 22.6% increase in eye tests at OPSM

  • 89% increase in consultation bookings

  • 22.4% increase in sales

“Penny the Pirate” campaign has also been honoured to win more than 100 awards, including Cannes Lions, Cannes Lions Health, APAC Effie Awards, AMES, CLIOS Awards, etc.


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