People Development done by Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR)

Updated: May 26, 2019

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The whole Vietnamese industry where it is facing to a crisis like where people are called as resource. And it created a research outlike this

  • 70% professional said, they have the change their job to get promoted

  • 55% professional said, after Passing probation they lose their motivation to work as they know anyway their contribution will not be recognized.

How sad isn't it for a country where it's living and breathing on it's prime youth generation!

On the same time 325,000 students are graduating every year, and according to the local authority around 200,000 fresh and young graduates are facing it hard to get their first job. So 60% graduates are facing it hard to first job or unemployment issues.

After seeing that issues, VSHR was not just stop after completing the resource, but create ideas and turned those ideas to actions to put a punch on those problems. John Masud Parvez, Founder of VSHR was explaining those people development initiatives which VSHR and VSHR Academy is taking to upskill and inspire the people development process.

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