Popularity is not the goal, the goal is to achieve life goals by creating positive impacts

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Recently I was having a webinar mentoring session with my students. We talked about purpose in our life. I was discussing about an import aspect which I clarified on that discussion about -

Positive impact vs popularity, where should be the focus?

When I share or speak on any particular topics, the very first and foremost important thing for me is - What I am speaking is

  • Got to be right at least in my prespective/experiance and that is is going to truly help the listener and

  • Those are going to add value for those people’s life.

On the internet there are a lot of influencers, they're doing a lot of fun stuff, making a lot of jokes entertainment things, making people laugh, giving them a lot of fun advice example - The short cut to be rich, how to get a job quickly, how to nail down an interview etc

I don't do that because I don't think that's going to add true values for the listeners. For me I think that what actually help people

  • become successful in life,

  • develop their skillset,

  • or improve mindset

  • or have them to successful to achieving goals,

I want to do it and that's the part I always only talk about.

I completely understand that I am less popular than what I could be or even should be, but I'm perfectly happy with this. Why? because at the end of the day what I'm doing and my purpose is to help people into the life and and help them achieve their goals in life. And exactly that is what makes me happy.

To me, I think my very first and foremost important thing is to speak and do, what is right, what is good for them.
So yes some of my talk is not funny, not entertaining but focus on helping people achieve their goals. And I will never stop that, I will keep giving anything perspective, skillset, mindset, idea which can help other people.

Let me grab an example - This line is very popular among young people, millennials -

Do the things you love!

That line sounds amazing but let me break it down to you, what you love is great for the thing when it's something like your hobby or you want to do it outside of your main work stream as something like your side stream. Then most of the case it will be perfect. But you want to make your living on that thing on that that could be a very different story.

When you want to achieve something in your life you really need to learn many things even if you don't like or even don't love too because the thing what you only love that will not be always enough to help you become successful in your career, build a business.

To achieve goals, you will need to learn many other skill set and and many of them maybe you might like to do but some others you will not like to learn or even hate to learn. But you have to do because those skillsets are important why? Because those are going to help you to meet your purpose, your goals.

I will give you an example from my own life, I hated statistics subject when I was in high school but when I was studying science and engineering, I had to learn this program because I knew that this is going to be one of the key things for my any algorithm or even programing logics.

Let’s pick up another example - Few years ago, I did not like writing, so I was just giving speeches and that's it. But then I figured out that I have to write to communicate to more audiences. Because every person simply doesn't have the same English language competency, as I'm trying to communicate with them by English only.

That's why I write articles, I am writing books, journals, booklets to communicate with all of you.

So the bottom line is only doing the things, what we love is not enough to make us successful. To achieve goals or what you want to achieve in a career or a business or in our life so we need to learn, look for actively knowledge, opportunities, good intents etc to embrace them. It does not matter, those we really like or not.

We can't just throw away something which is needed because we don't like them.


John Masud Parvez

CIO, Organizational Transformer,

Founder and President of VSHR (Non Profit Organization)

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