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On average, there are about 240,000 university graduates each year across the country.

The industry groups that always ranks first in the number of graduates every year, includes:

  • Scientific education;

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences;

  • Business and Management;

  • Computer and Information Technology;

  • Engineering; Architecture and construction.

In the last quarter of 2022 (January - March), the labor force aged 15 and over in Vietnam reached 51.2 million people (out of a total population of nearly 99 million people), of which the number of employees is 50 million people;

Number of employees at:

  • Services accounted for the largest proportion with 38.7%,

  • Industry and construction accounted for 33.5%.

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishery occupied 27.8%.

And another good thing is that the average monthly income of employees in the first quarter was 6.4 million VND, up 20.1% compared to the previous quarter (equivalent to an increase of about 1 million VND/person/month).

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