Presentation skill workshop and Quiz winners of Share for Life scholarship program

What is presentation skills? Most of you probably actually thinking presentation means standing in front of a lot of people and give a speech.

But actually that is just one of the types of presentation. There are so many medium of presentation, which could be visual, sound, texture etc.

6th January 2019, was the day we had the second mentoring session for Genius Upskill program's Share for live trainees on Presentation skills. On this mentoring session mentor John Masud Parvez shared what are worst ways to perform a presentation and why almost 90% of the writer lose their reader in first 15 second of time.

Then mentor also shared what are the most effective ways to communicate and present the knowledge so readers will be keep reading, excited and also presenter will be able to deliver the key message as well. In straight forward presentation means it's a connection between brains, to transfer the idea, key messages etc. A effective Presentation establish bridge between one brain to many brains.

What is effective learning or active learning?

When we listen other people experience and follow their practical stories with high enthusiasm that is something really empower the active learning for the trainees. That's why this session also there were a quiz contest among the trainees. Program team used educational technology platform to run this quiz and it was just a complete excitement for 20 minutes! Here are the winner of this quiz:

We would like to say all the best for our all the trainees of Genius Upskill program, program team members. And If you were not selected for this scholarship program on 2018, or did not know, then let's apply for Genius Upskill program season 2019. Here Application is open now!

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