Pro EduX by VSHR Pro Academy - Pressure of business transformation post Covid

Updated: Mar 3

The COVID-19 crisis has brought years of changes in the way companies do business in all sectors and regions. According to a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, their company has been accelerating the digitization of their customer and supply chain interactions and internal operations for three to four years. And the market share of digital or digital-enabled products in their portfolio has grown rapidly in an astounding seven years. Furthermore, respondents expect most of these changes to be permanent and have made the types of investments that all but guarantee that they will stick. In fact, when asking executives about the crisis's impact, they said that investment in digital initiatives has increased more than anything else — much more. rather than increasing costs, the number of people in the tech industry, and the number of customers.

Human resource training is no exception to this trend. Therefore, VSHR Pro Academy provides an effective online human resource training solution called Pro EduX. With Pro EduX, you can solve the problem of employee training in the "New Normal" situation, or when your company has offices in many different provinces, so it will be difficult to organize a direct training session effectively.

To learn more about this product, please click this link: VSHR Pro Edux - Vietnam Social Health Revolution (

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