Pro EduX by VSHR Pro Academy - Adapting to "New Normal": Upskilling

Updated: Mar 20

Technology has been the driving force behind some of the biggest corporate and societal transformations over the past several decades—providing innovative and new approaches to many long-standing challenges. And, as COVID-19 rages on and a ‘new normal’ sets in, technology will once again become a clutch player as businesses rethink and revamp everything from operating models to workplace culture. But, in order to unlock the true poten

tial of what technology can do, it requires both human ingenuity and new skills. For a truly re-imagined business, it’s mission critical that employees can utilize tools and technologies, such as cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), in order to become the true agents of change.

The business world has recognized the importance of upskilling and the benefits it provides, not only for the business itself but for employees as well. Upskilling ensures employee skillsets won’t become obsolete and those that have training and development opportunities are also happier in their roles and have a brighter outlook on their future with a company.

VSHR Pro Academy offers many upskilling cour

ses, especially Pro EduX, consists of online videos or live videos of trainers for enterprises to train employees.

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