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Updated: Mar 9

Businesses must be able to quickly adapt to new technology in today's hyper-competitive market, where communication is critical, in order to have continuing success. As a result, training videos has become a popular way of educating and retraining huge groups.

The quality of the training video is really important, as it affects directly how easy it is for learners to learn from the videos. In terms of quality, it consists of both the visual and sound.

For visual, videos of Pro EduX are made with HD quality and filmed in a light room. Clients can see clearly what the trainers write on the board.

For the sound, so many videos have crackling sounds or hard to hear audio that bore the audience. Therefore, in the production of Pro EduX videos, the trainers have small microphones that can be clipped onto their clothes, so what they say can be clearly recorded.

At VSHR Pro Academy, we assure that all the clients can have the best experience when learning by Pro EduX videos.

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