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Updated: Mar 15

Building corporate culture is the most important job for each company. This will help the company and employees understand their own vision and mission and create the company's image in the hearts of customers.

If a company cannot maintain its culture and core values, it will easily encounter failure in operation and long-term development. In today's competitive market, let's join VSHR Pro Academy to find ways to build and maintain a sustainable corporate culture through our story.

1. HR's wants of the way employees work

“I want my employees to display dedication and enthusiasm at work, and commit to staying for a long-term period.”

Employees tend to lose motivation and ambition when working for a long time in an organization. Therefore, they reduce their efforts to continue performing at work, the cause of which may be personal or organizational failure to meet their expectations.

2. HR's challenge

“I'm afraid that my employees will decide to quit a job and hop into another company because when people do something long enough, they will get bored.”

If employees spend too much time waiting for the manager's orders, they'll get tired soon and lose enthusiasm in work. On the other hand, if employees have to follow the orders and do what the manager told them, their ability to create new ideas and explore new knowledge is lost.

In addition, work performance is reduced because there is a delay in communication between employees and management, employees' ideas are ignored and not considered because of this lack of connection, which may, in turn, lead to reduced employees' creativity. COVID- 19 pandemic has not been over yet, and financial problems are still a huge obstacle that could weaken their thinking positively.

3. What happens if we choose the wrong method?

The company would struggle against conserving incalculable core values. Otherwise, employees will lose the ambition of working, and the company will lose an important factor in operating the business. Furthermore, this can lead to wasting more money and time to enhance and rebuild the human resources apparatus of the company because of the unstable work performance of employees - another pressure for the HR team.

4. People empowerment builds a proper business culture

Understanding the difficulties that HR professionals have to go through, VSHR Pro Academy hopes that our People Empowerment service will help you build a positive working environment for your company and employees to explore new ideas and new abilities.

Create a deeper and friendlier connection between the manager and the employees - give more space for employees to be creative and freedom to share their ideas with their teams - give the manager more free time to be focused on the group's missions, listening to new ideas and developing them into reality.

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