PRO EMPLOYER - The value of being a trainee at VSHR Pro Academy

Updated: Mar 15

1. Job coaching

By joining the internship program, trainees will have the opportunity to work with real projects, highly specialized tasks and especially work directly with major partners under the leader's guidance.

2. Leadership development

At VSHR Pro Academy, each individual can hone their leadership skills by having the opportunity to become the leader of different kinds of projects in the company. Thereby, you both have a place to develop while connecting and leading the team members.

3. Employment opportunity

When working in the professional environment of VSHR Pro Academy, trainees will accumulate the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills, improving their chances of finding professional jobs after graduation.

4. Opportunities to work with clients

Through contacting and working with real customers from many trending industries such as IT, Marketing Agency, Insurance, Banking, etc..., students will have the opportunity to learn more in-depth knowledge and expand their network.

5. Real-life projects

Trainees will be directly involved in projects organized by VSHR Pro Academy. In addition to general evaluation sessions and feedback from founders, CEOs of large corporations will help you hone the necessary skills when working.

So what are you waiting for? Let's apply for being a part of VSHR Pro Academy and starting a new journey with amazing people.

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